Retinol Range


Start your own brand with this high end Retinol (Vitamin A) product Range. What will I get for R25000.00 and what is the cost of each product?

You will receive, the following products:

25 Retinol Cleanser 250ml (Unit Cost of product R150)

25 Retinol Toner 250ml (Unit Cost of product R150)

25 Retinol Serum 30ml (Unit Cost of product R200)

25 Retinol Night Cream 50ml (Unit Cost of product R200)

How much can I sell each product for?

You can sell each product for the following prices:

R340 Retinol Cleanser 250ml

R340 Retinol Toner 250ml

R450 Retinol Serum 30ml

R450 Retinol Night Cream 50ml

To order your Retinol collection simply purchase online and allow for 5-7 days for delivery. Once we have received your order one of our sales agents will be in contact with you to discuss your brand name and label designs.


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