Feminine Range


Intimate on the go odour refreshing spray. Your vaginal area naturally builds up odour throughout the day. This mist spray neutralises and helps protect from odour, leaving you feeling instantly refreshed. Vegan Friendly.

Intimate Wash

The pH of your vagina is less than 4.5 while the pH of the rest of your skin is above 5.4. While we don’t recommend cleaning inside the vagina, using products that aren’t set to this pH on the external vaginal area can upset your natural balance and lead to irritation. This Intimate Cleanser has been created for external daily use to help maintain the natural pH of the vagina, keeping you balanced and fresh. Vegan Friendly

Steaming Herbs

A blend of natural medicinal herbs which are used to naturally cleanse a woman’s reproduction area as well as enhance the health of the vagina without causing any harm or damage.

This product has a minimum quantity of 100


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