Baby Care Range


Our mild and gentle Baby Care range consists of:

Baby Shampoo

Mild & Gentle Baby Shampoo gently cleanses the baby’s scalp and hair while making it soft and moisturized. Non-irritant

Baby Conditioner

Mild & Gently Repairs hair and restores the right level of moisture to the hair. It smoothes and detangles, leaving a shiny, smooth look and a manageable, silky feel. Non-irritant

Baby Soothing Lotion

Helps keep baby’s skin soft and supple, protecting it. Keeps your baby’s soft skin hydrated. Provides intense nourishment. Effective and safe from day one. Coconut baby soothing lotion has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for irritated skin. Mild & Gentle Non-irritant

Baby Gentle Body Wash

Full of Healthy Antioxidants. The natural ingredients, antioxidants and essential oils are not only mild on your infant’s fragile skin but also provide it with great nourishment.

Baby Bum Cream

Mild & Gentle This Gentle and safe baby bum cream provides nourishment, soothes skin, treats nappy rash and heals skin. Keeping your baby’s bottom comfortable and dry. Non-irritant

Baby Menthol Rub

A Safe Soothing Menthol rub for babies that provides relief from cough and cold as well as providing moisture to the skin and leaving your baby relaxed for some peaceful sleep. Mild & Gentle Non-irritant


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