Marketing My New Brand

Marketing My New Brand

So you made that big step and purchased a business starter package or products from our online store, the products will come with your very own brand name and now the question arises what is the next step after i receive my order?

To help you answer that please read through the following information as this information will help you to market and advertise your brand effectively.

We can provide you with the following marketing and advertising tools for your brand:

Handbills (starting from R2050 for 2500 handbills)

Business Cards (starting from R800 for 500 business cards)

Banners (starting from R2400 for 1 pull up banner)

Website Shop starting from (R15000.00)

Social media advertising packages starting from R5000 per month

Caps, T'shirts etc...

We can offer you lots more just ask us, we are your partners for this journey.

9 Marketing Strategies for Beauty and Cosmetic Brands

The global beauty market is predicted to grow to $750 billion by 2024, and growth in the online market has been especially strong. It may be a hard industry to navigate, but it’s our goal to provide some marketing tactics that you can use on your beauty line. Here’s our top 9 cosmetic marketing strategies you can act on to grow your brand!

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