EU Product Registration and Compliance

We undertake to assist clients with EU Registration for their products in all the EU countries. We liaise with various parties and regulatory agencies with the object of getting your products onto any EU market.

  • We notify cosmetic products in Europe and well beyond
  • We help to obtain the necessary product certification (e.g. Natural, organic, GMO-free, Gluten-free)
  • We perform testing to determine product efficacy and safety.
  • We evaluate the safety of cosmetic ingredients and fragrances.

  • We are a very flexible company  that goes the extra mile to find solutions to our clients needs. 

The normal time frame for EU registrations are 3-4 months as there is a lot of documents that will need to be prepared. Also product testing and product label reviews that would need to be considered.

Note service fees for document preparations and product registration and other fees apply.

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