We encourage clients to first read our standard contract prior to purchasing private label products go to: https://www.visionlabsbeauty.co.za/company-policy-standard-contract/

We can private label/white label a wide range of Cosmeceuticals, personal care and hygiene and toiletry products as well as nutaceutical products.

Our business activity includes private label products for several companies, ranging from small to corporate corporations. Qualitative and environmentally friendly formulas, combined with flexible production capacity enable us to offer our customers compelling promotional products and new retail product lines. We can create custom formulas to meet our customers needs and can utilize virtually any bottle size and shape or label type.

We can also assist our customers with label design and development; we provide sleeve packaging and hand-assembled complex packaging (moq applies). We are a one-stop shop for our customers cosmetic production needs.

New product development and design is our field of expertise. From the procurement of raw materials, actives and perfumes to the development of labels, sleeves and packaging, we look for the best materials to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations, at the most competitive price.

Research & Development

Our team of experienced formulation chemists and chemical engineers is the heart of our Research & Development Department. Our R&D team develops new product ideas and creates formulations according to market requirements.

Our Marketing Department works closely with the R&D Department to ensure that the increased market needs are met. In House as well as Independent institutions and clinical laboratories perform various test on formulation. Our chemical laboratory team has repeatedly proven its ability to successfully handle the development of challenging and innovative ideas.

At Vision Labs Beauty, quality is non-negotiable. All procedures comply with best manufacturing practice for cosmetic production. Our company assures high quality, innovation, pre-sales and after-sales service, as well as flexibility to accommodate our customers’ specific needs. Aiming to guarantee superior quality for both products and services, we focus on safety evaluations and on appropriate testing; We can be your trusted partner.

In 2017 brought our brand new factory to meet our customers’ growing demands and to keep pace with our constantly rising annual sales. We invested in this new factory to increase production capacity while still guaranteeing superior quality, and at the same time to maintain our renowned flexibility and capacity to response rapidly.

Some Of Our Success Stories...

Our many customers have entrusted us with the development and manufacture of their private label brands of Cosmeceuticals, and toiletry products, and Nutraceutical thus allowing us to contribute to their commercial success and gain vital experience in product marketing and in positioning ourselves amongst the tough competition.

Our Services Include:

Product Development: Skin Care – Hair Care -Body Care -Fragrances -Toiletries – Make Up – Oral Care, Nutraceuticals, capsules, tonics, shakes, etc…

Product Formulation

We source raw materials and develop custom formulations to specifically fit our clients’ marketing concepts and desired demographic. These formulations are kept confidential and exclusive for every client. All VLB employees are legally bound within the covenants of our Employment

Non-Disclosure Agreement. Packaging Sourcing & Design

Source packaging materials and create a comprehensive design layout to complement our client’s brand/product positioning. Sourcing of materials include primary and secondary containers as well as as master boxes/shippers. Design development may include brand logo renditions, primary label design and label text as per client requirement. Our graphic design services are free to all clients.

Product Stability Tests

We perform stability testing on all products as it is necessary to ensure the product is of acceptable quality throughout its entire storage period. Accelerated stability tests also known as normal or exploratory stability, has the objective of providing data to foresee the stability of the product, its useful life span, and the compatibility of the formulation with the containing material. This is done by subjecting product samples in a heating oven with temperature range up to 50°C for a period of 3 to 4.5 months which would approximately be equivalent to 2 and 3 years, respectively, should the product be left at normal room temperature. Generally, the parameters to be evaluated are as follows:

a. Organoleptic parameters: appearance, color, odor and flavor, whenever applicable;

b. Physical-chemical parameters: pH value, viscosity, density, and in some cases, the monitoring of formulation ingredients;

c. Microbiological parameters: microbial count and challenge test of the preserving system. These tests are applied in the development phase of the product on a laboratory scale and to pilot manufacturing batches and the test may be extended to cover the initial production. It can also be carried out whenever there are any significant alterations made to ingredients of the product and/or the manufacturing process, or to the containing material that comes into direct contact with the product, or in order to validate new equipment used for manufacturing the product.

Product Usage Tests

Appropriate usage tests (Home placement Tests, Usage Attitude, Image Survey, Comparative Blind Tests) may be conducted to substantiate efficacy of products developed and to gain early indication of acceptance of the product/s developed to a group of respondents that represent the client’s target market.

Testing fees apply. Regulatory Compliance

Preparation and submission of protocol papers to appropriate government agencies (i.e. FDA/ IPO). Certificate of Analysis produced for all products and Material Safety Data Sheets produced on request.

We do not test products that we don not manufacture, we request product samples from customers in order to match the quality and performance of the placebo product.

We offer an array of testing services on the product we produce only. For our testing services and prices kindly request via email at info@visionlabsbeauty.co.za

Strickly No Returns or Refunds

Strickly no refunds will be entertained, note if you choose to stop production while the work is in current production you will forfeit your cash. Please ensure that you are serious about business as we are before making any commitments.

Empowering Your Brand with Quality and Innovation

At Vision Labs Beauty, we are dedicated to providing top-notch products that reflect our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Partner with us to elevate your brand with our innovative solutions and unparalleled quality.

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