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About Us

South Africa's leading cosmetic private label contract manufacturing company, specialising in the development of cosmetic formulations for the skin, body & hair care segments as well as fine fragrances natural, and organic formulation for every market segment.

Our Cosmetics & Toiletries Division was founded in 2007, and based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa; Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd is committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service and timeous deliveries from its manufacturing facility.

Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd has consolidated its reputation as one of the industry leaders within the small to medium sized enterprises, by utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, whilst keeping abreast of formulation and raw material advances in the market place.

As a result, Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd has become the contract manufacturer of choice, which many of the smaller to medium sized enterprises call upon for their production needs.

Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd has diversified in-house capability to manufacture superior skincare and hair care formulations in a multitude of product categories and formats.

In addition, Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd offers a vertically integrated “turn key” solution to all your cosmetic needs, by virtue of its involvement in the following additional areas of the cosmetic industry:

Cosmetic Packaging-in the form of Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd Packaging Line;

Fragrance Oils;

Local distributor’s vision labs cosmetics of South Africa;

Brand Distribution;

Parallel Importing;

Gifting, Novelties & Cosmetic Accessories.

Marketing and Advertising + Brand Management Services

Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd clients include some of South Africa’s smaller to medium cosmetic companies as well as medium to large niche concerns. Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd list of brands include amongst others, the following leading brands and Vision Labs Products, Seasons Plus, Skin food, Freshlook, Spot Off, and Pain Doc etc...

VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD has consolidated its reputation as an industry leader, by utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, whilst keeping abreast of formulation and raw material advances in the market place.

VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD is committed to adhering to world class manufacturing standards and applying stringent standard operating procedures (S.O.P’s), to all its processes. The result of which is products, which is consistent in quality and performance.

All formulation types have been thoroughly researched and have passed the relevant stability testing. VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD is equipped with a state of the art laboratory which includes the following standard equipment: pH Meters, Balances, Viscometers, Pulverisers, Incubators and Stability Ovens. These are regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure reliable results. Product dossiers are available on all formulations, comprehensively outlining their chief characteristics and attributes.

VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD is continually committed to safety, education and quality ensuring that our high standards are continuously adhered to. Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd is the foremost and only dedicated contract manufacturer of superior quality cosmetics in South Africa

Having dealt with clients for a number of years, VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD observed the inefficiencies caused by the division that exists between the manufacturing element and the procurement of the applicable cosmetic packaging.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD has introduced a comprehensive one stop service specializing in ‘onsite’ cosmetic packaging. This effectively allows VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ in the process of developing an entire cosmetic range completely.

Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd online show room offers one of the most comprehensive ranges to be found, as the number of samples on offer, number in the thousands, covering every cosmetic category. Should Vision Labs Beauty (Pty) Ltd not have your required packaging in stock, we offer a comprehensive sourcing service able to source just about any component, as a result of the extensive database of suppliers accumulated over many years.

VISION LABS BEAUTY (PTY) LTD represents a host of South African and international based suppliers, dealing in glass and plastic packaging for all spheres of the cosmetic industry.


The types of packaging offered, include the following categories:

·  Glass- foundations, fragrance, nail enamel, skin care jars and bottles etc.

·  Colour Cosmetics Packaging- compacts, lipstick containers, lip gloss containers,
     liquid eyeliner containers etc.

·  Skin Care Packaging- cleanser, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer, serum, gels, day & night
    cream-bottles / tubes / tottles / jars in glass and various plastic types.

·  Toiletries- packaging to accommodate the following toiletry categories-Body Lotions,
     body butters, bath salts, cuticle remover creams, hand creams, hand and body exfoliators
     as well as other niche products.

In addition to most of the packaging being available to order, Vision Labs Beauty, stocks a range of cosmetic packaging which is available ex stock. Please contact us on any of the listed numbers for further details. 


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